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Crop Insurance Plan Comparison Guide

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Insurance Products by State

Multi Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI)

Coverage Features:

  • Provides comprehensive protection against weather-related causes of loss and certain other unavoidable perils.
  • Provides protection against low yields, poor quality, late planting, replanting costs and prevented planting.
  • Coverage is available on over 76 crops in primary production areas throughout the U.S. at 50 to 75 percent (up to 85 percent in certain counties) of the actual production history (APH) for the farm.
  • An indemnity price election from 60 to 100 percent of the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation expected market price is selected at the time of purchase.

Area Risk Protection Insurance (ARPI)

Common Crop Insurance Policy

Actual Production History (APH)

Coverage Features:

  • APH provides protection against a loss in yield due to nearly all natural disasters.
  • APH guarantees a yield based on the individual producer’s actual production history.
  • APH will pay a loss when the value of the production to count is less than the liability.

Catastrophic Coverage (CAT)

Coverage Features:

  • Pays 55 percent of the established price of the commodity on crop losses in excess of 50 percent.
  • The premium on CAT coverage is paid by the Federal Government; however, producers must pay a $300 administrative fee for each crop insured in each county. Limited-resource farmers may have this fee waived.
  • CAT coverage is not available on all types of policies.

Whole Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP)

Coverage Features:

  • Whole Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP) allows producers to cover their entire farming operation with a single insurance product, meaning they no longer need to take out separate policies for each individual commodity.


Ranching Products

Livestock Risk Protection (LRP)

Coverage Features:

  • LRP protects your investment should prices drop before your livestock gets to market while preserving all of your upside potential.

Livestock Gross Margin (LGM)

Coverage Features:

  • LGM protects against the loss of gross margin (market value minus feed costs) on feeder (yearling and calf) cattle.

Pasture, Rangeland and Forage (PRF)

Coverage Features:

  • PRF protects against widespread loss of grazing and haying production offering coverage for drought.

Annual Forage (AF)

Coverage Features:

  • The AF program provides coverage to acreage that is planted each year and used as feed and fodder by livestock.

Apiculture (API)

Coverage Features:

  • API protects against widespread loss of vegetative production offering coverage for drought.
  • API Maps

Nursery Crop

Coverage Features:

  • Nursery Crop Insurance provides coverage for all nursery plants and plant types in each practice, contained on the Eligible Price List, in which you have a share, that you can elect to insure.


Crop Hail

Crop Hail Brochure

APH-Based Crop Hail (ACH)

Coverage Features:

  • Insure your whole crop without paying for overlapping coverage with ARMtech's own APH-Based Crop Hail (ACH) Program.

APH Review Fact Sheet 


Private Products

Added Price Coverage Option (APCO)

ARMtech’s Added Price Coverage Option (APCO) is a multi-faceted policy that mitigates the risk of forward contracting by supplementing the coverage at which crops are insured. In the event of a yield loss, APCO may add up to 20% to the indemnity.

Corn and Soybeans Brochure

Cranberry Brochure

Sugar Beet Brochure

Revenue Coverage Option (REVCO)

ARMtech’s Revenue Coverage Option (REVCO) is a multi-faceted policy for corn and soybean growers that mitigates the risk of forward contracting by supplementing the price at which crops are insured. In the event of a loss, REVCO may add up to 20% to the indemnity.

Corn and Soybean Brochure

Band Coverage 

Only available through ARMtech, Band Coverage is a risk management tool that protects against shallow losses and provides reliable input cost recovery. Yield Band lowers a policyholder's deductible in the event of a production shortfall, while Revenue Band lowers the deductible in response to a decline or increase in Harvest Price. With Band Coverage, a lower deductible translates to a higher trigger for the producer's indemnity, providing support exactly when it is needed.  

Band Coverage Brochure

Production Cost Insurance (PCI)

ARMtech’s Production Cost Insurance (PCI) is a reliable, predictable risk management tool that not only underpins the cost of production in challenging growing seasons, but one that promotes best farm management practices each and every day, across virtually all aspects of the operation.  PCI does this by providing a predictable annual revenue stream above defined, direct input costs.

PCI Brochure

PCI Complete Brochure


ARMtech’s RPowerD supplemental insurance policy provides the control and flexibility to manage the price and coverage level that will be used to set a producer's minimum trigger revenue for corn, soybeans, and cotton.

RPowerD Brochure

For more information about RPowerD, please see the Revenue Power Guides created by Watts and Associates.