ARMtech Precision Farmer

At first glance, the recent USDA shift to field level acreage and production reporting for insurance purposes appears to add to the complexity of an already complicated program, but by signing up for the ARMtech Precision Farming Program, you can actually simplify the reporting process.
Utilizing precision farming equipment in tandem with the ARMtech AgriNet® software, you can report your planting and harvesting activities simply by providing data to your insurance agent. 
Gone are the days of sifting through line after line while filling out an acreage report by hand.  Your information goes from your equipment, to your agent, into our system, and on to a document with you needing only to review and sign the final report.
These map-based reports ensure the most accurate reporting, and they also serve as more comprehensive records of your operation. They can even be customized to aid you in reporting to your local FSA office.
Moving forward, USDA is adamant that both acreage and production information be captured at the field level, and those producers who are hesitant to embrace the opportunities afforded to them by technology will find it increasingly difficult to manage their risk appropriately.
But as an ARMtech Precision Farmer, you will be well equipped to meet the challenge.